Marketing Activation

Building brand loyalty through valuable services and experiences

From free rides to free samples, Gotcha’s unique promotional vehicles and exclusive sampling networks build brand loyalty, advocacy, and purchase among highly-targeted audiences.

Promo Ride

Gotcha's low-speed, 100% electric vehicles provide free rides and immersive brand experiences wherever they go. Your rides will create millions of dynamic impressions with onlookers, while building memorable and emotional connections with passengers.

  • Custom vehicle wrap

  • Trained brand ambassadors

  • Free, safe rides

  • Sampling & giveaways, including cold product storage

Promo Bike

Gotcha's promotional bikes move nimbly and get noticed in hard-to-reach places and dense metro areas. Brand Ambassadors trained with key talking points maximize sampling efforts and engagement with consumers.

  • Custom bike wrap

  • Trained brand ambassadors

  • Custom fabrication available

  • Sampling & giveaways, including cold product storage

What do dorm rooms, the Final Four, and Comic-Con have in common? They’re where your audience is. Shouldn’t your brand be there too? Gotcha connects with your target audience.

  • Live Events

    Stand out at targeted events like comic cons, industry trade shows, conferences, concerts, fairs and festivals

  • Sports

    Connect with fans at college and professional sporting events including tailgates, bowl games, and championships.

  • Sampling

    Drive trial and awareness through memorable touchpoints such as dorms/apartments, campus events, gyms and community influencers

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