We connect brands directly to youth, family and college students through community, peer-based environments


Gotcha's networks provide direct, efficient access to targeted audiences through community, peer-based channels such as colleges and daycare/preschools (reaching Millennial moms). Sampling channels leverage organic influencers, such as daycare/preschool directors, RA’s, and peer leaders, for maximum efficiency that drives word of mouth buzz at relevant moments of trial.

  • Efficient, broad-reach sampling through colleges and daycares/preschools

  • Organic influencers deliver branded message

  • Targeted to priority DMA's, demographics, and/or retail relationships


Gotcha’s curricula and cause-related programs connect brands with parents and students nationwide within preschools, K-12 schools, and other relevant community-based channels. Gotcha develops educational materials that reflect your brand, engage and educate your audience, and provide value to the channels through which the materials are used.

  • Efficient, broad-reaching, programs

  • Full-service creative development, if needed

  • Educators and other channel leaders serve as ambassadors for your program

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